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Enjoy travelling for free with Swiss Travel Pass on (almost) all Swiss rail routes, postal bus or bus and shipping lines.

Hardly any other country than Switzerland has such a well-built and partly highly comfortable public traffic system, which does not only serve for locomotion but really combines travelling by Panoramic trains with pleasant locomotion.

Switzerland rail travel on 3, 4, 8 oder 15 days

The Swiss Pass offers a simple and favourable possibility of acquiring a ticket for (almost) the whole of Switzerland. With Swiss Travel Pass you can choose to unrestrictedly travel on 3, 4, 8, 15 days by all means of transportation of Swiss Travel Systems without having to buy another ticket.

Apart from long-distance traffic, Swiss Travel Pass owners can also use local traffic buses in 90 towns. In addition, Swiss Pass owners receive a 50 % discount for travelling by most of the mountain railways and for visiting approx. 500 Swiss museums for free.

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Overview of advantages & prices of the Swiss Travel Pass

  • Using the overall railway system of the Swiss railway, buses and postal buses during 3, 4, 8, 15 days for free
  • The Swiss Travel Pass includes panoramic rail routes as well as using trams and buses in 90 towns
  • 50% discount for using most of the mountain railways
  • Visiting more than 500 museums with Swiss Travel Pass without entrance fee

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