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In the beginning this website was made to inform about possibilities of all those different Swiss-Pass and Swiss Card offers, the Swiss Railways provide to foreign travelers. In the meantime we added some facts on Swiss cities, Swiss Alps villages and about the different Swiss trains you could chose for travel throughout Switzerland to get fast and easy to your Swiss hotel – or which are made as a great experience itself. An example needed?

Travel Swiss by Train

Per example the Glacier Express train is one of the most famous rail travel experiences all over the world. But, find more information on Swiss Trains by following this link.

Say “hello” to Switzerland and have a great time by traveling with only one ticket throughout the whole Swiss Travel System. An overview to available Train Tickets, Discounts and the on-line order form you’ll find here.

Make travel as easy as possible could be one of the main reasons for bringing the Swiss Travel Pass up to life. Maybe it was only a very clever idea by one of the Swiss Travel tour operators to offer foreigners one ticket that fits to all Swiss public transport networks.

Easy and cheap Train Travel by Swiss Pass – Rail-Passes

SwissPass is a traveling offer for all those who are on a journey through Switzerland. It’s an offer for all that don’t know exactly what they’d like to see or which kind of public transport system they’d use to see all things planned.

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Swiss-Pass in figures:

Swiss Pass offers you unlimited travel during 3, 4, 8, or 15 days or one month on nearly all of Swiss Travel System’s public transport network that includes (post) buses, trains, (lake) boats.

You can choose your personal Swiss travel route from approximately 20,000 kilometers of train, postal bus or boat routes. Additionally it gives you 50% discount on most mountain-top trains and cable cars. As an cultural free of charge event on top, you’ll get free entry on above 500 Swiss museums.

SwissPass was such a beloved benefit for many of foreign travelers stayed at Switzerland during the last years, that the Swiss Tourist Department developed some additional offers, which are more specific.

Here, you’ ll find all the Switzerland Travel offers in one overview.

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So you are going to Switzerland on your vacation. In Switzerland you will find the best and most traditional ski resorts in the world. Some of them are located on glaciers. There you can ski even in the summer. Switzerland also offers plenty of hiking trails through the fascinating world of alpine nature. Last, but not least, Swiss cities have attractive sightseeing spots. Visitors love to indulge in restaurants and cafés in all of the historical Swiss lakeshore towns. To explore such plenty, it is recommended to book reservations and make arrangements to stay in one place in Switzerland. Once you are there, you go on short excursions to explore the whole of Switzerland.

The best means of transportation that takes you to your vacation destination and back to the airport of arrival or border train station is Swiss railway. Even most Swiss citizens prefer to travel by train. The Swiss rail network is dense and remarkable. Almost 3000 miles of rail belong to the system if you add up Swiss Federal Railways, BLS (Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon), Schweizerische Südostbahn AG (SOB), Rhaetian Railway (RhB), and further small rail stretches. Many train journeys lead through scenic alpine landscapes. Trains pass by glaciers, mountain passes, rivers, falls and forests.

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