Alpine Classic Glacier Express

The Alpine Classic Glacier Express sets the luxury atmosphere of the golden 1920s  from the engine up until the last wagon, including a restaurant and luggage cart. Everything fits together perfectly.  There is no more elegant method of travelling from St. Moritz to Zermatt!  Trains with comfortable salon wagons have been running through the magical mountain roads of the Swiss Alps since 1939.

The journey to St. Moritz has a nostalgic touch with the Alpine Classic Glacier Express.  The passengers take their seats in the renovated, comfortable salon wagons of the Retro-Romanian train a la Pullman.  The soft seats have been arranged generously in the compartments, guaranteeing a comfortable sitting position and plenty of leg room in these luxurious wagons.  Only materials of high value, such as Teak have been used in the Art Deco style interior.  Passengers can view the breathtaking Swiss landscape through the large windows as the journey passes by.

Are you now inquisitive about the Alpine Classic Glacier Express?  Dive into the train history and experience the chic style of the 1920s and 1930s first hand.  The employees in the Gourmino restaurant cart take care of your physical well being.  Delicious meals are served in the stylish atmosphere of this royal blue wagon.

Pullman Wagons – Luxury Wagons in Switzerland

The name Pullman wagon describes a particular architectural style of train carts – Salon, Restaurant and Sleeping carts – for luxury trains.  They were originally built near to Chicago.  They were named after the American industrialist George M. Pullman.  The term Pullman wagon is also used for carts that have been built on the same principals as the originals.  Pullman wagons are used by many train companies in Switzerland, including “Montreux Oberland Bahn“.

In the middle of the 19th century, George M. Pullman designed a new, more comfortable type of sleeping wagon to replace the type currently being used.  Admittedly, Pullman wagons are much more expensive than the traditional carts.  As US President Abraham Lincoln dies in 1865, his remains should be transported from Washington D.C. to be buried in his home town Springfield.  George W. Pullman offered to make one of his luxury wagons available.  An extremely clever form of marketing – since this event the wagons are selling throughout the whole country, regardless of the high price.

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