Basel – City of almost unlimited possibilities

Basel offers an eventful programme at any time of the year, from fun splash at the Rhine to Christmas mood in the old part of town. In addition, the very best of culture, architecture and sports amenities. The hotels in Basel are regularly filled with guests from all over the world. Innumerable restaurants offer culinary delights for each purse.

Every year at the time of carnival, the city of Basel is almost impassable for 72 hours. Once the jesters have lighted up the dark town with lanterns at the beginning of Basel’s carnival, they stroll through the streets, playing music or dancing. Confetti rain is not a rarity during these days. If the carnival in Basel is over, the city gradually gets down back to business.

The streets are free for a walk in the beautiful old part of town of Basel: With its red facade and wall paintings the town hall of Basel embellishes the marketplace. The famous landmark of the town is sandstone-red as well – the historical cathedral of Basel with its two steeples. The Spalentor, a former town gate, once served as a defensive gateway. Nowadays, it is a beautiful photo subject as part of the town’s history.

Since in the 15th century the Emperor Friedrich III. gave the city of Basel the permanent allowance for the Basel autumn fair, the number of fairs in the city has substantially grown. Some of the best-known exhibitions are the Art Basel, Baselworld (watches), the Basle wine fair and Swiss-Moto (motorbike).

Art Basel: Meeting point of international art

Every year, cumulated art from all over the world meets on the Art Basel. Whenever Basel invites for this exhibition, the fair Basel bursts at the seams on five consecutive days. The gigantic art exhibition enjoys an international reputation, every year more and more galleries apply for a booth at the Art Basel.

Innumerable paintings, photos and sculptures of contemporary artists are skilfully put in the limelight in the exhibition halls. There is space left for multi-dimensional art as well, some paintings are several metres long. Apart from masterpieces of Andy Warhol or Picasso, the young art scenery may show its creations on this platform.

If the Art Basel is over, art lovers can admire works of art of many eras in the city, in the largest art museum of total Switzerland. A special museum is dedicated to the life’s work of a Swiss artist: The machine sculptures in the Tinguely museum should not only be looked at, but operated as well. This makes his art lively, that he has created of iron, wire, metal and colour.

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