Brig – Pretty town in the Swiss Valais

People spending their holidays in the town Brig, will find themselves in the Swiss Alp region – exactly in the Upper Valais. You can buy culinary delights of the Valais on the weekly farmer’s market of Brig: Solid ham and air-dried meat, spicy cheeses and crisp bread. This makes your mouth water by return! In the old part of town of Brig you will immediately notice the “Stockalperschloss“ castle: Kaspar, Melchior and Balthasar are the names of the three onion domes of the castle complex. The builder Kaspar von Stockalper, a wealthy Swiss merchant, let this gem build up in the 17th century.

Brig village, Switzerland

In the direct neighbourhood of Brig you can find the village Naters. This village is traditionally closely connected to the Vatican. For centuries, the Swiss guards have been caring for the welfare of the Holy Father. Many soldiers having worked for the Pope came from Naters. In the Guards Museum Naters visitors can inform themselves about the development and the history of the Swiss guards.

The mountain pass over the Simplon leads to Italy. Where mules once have carried load over rough grounds, coaches drove on surfaced ways in the 19th century already. This progress was owed to the command of Napoleon, who has recognized the strategic meaning of the pass. Nowadays, the Simplon mountain pass is a Swiss national road used by cars, “Postbuses“ and cyclists. The Postautos of the Napoleon Route Express make a stop in Brig before continuing their way to Saas-Fee or Domodossola (Italy).

Fun splash in the Brigerbad

Near Brig, keen swimmers can find the Brigerbad, the largest outdoor thermal spa of Switzerland. The thermal springs have been known already to the Romans. Even if you do not stay directly in the village, from the surrounding hotels in Visp or Brig the distance is just a stone’s throw.

This is where the whole family enjoys a special swimming trip! At pleasantly warm water temperatures of more than 27 degrees it is not necessary to put just the toe into the water at first. The motto is – dive in and feel well! Children will like the long flume: it takes 182 metres to rush into the warm pool. In some of those pools, the water suddenly shoots high into the air in fountains. At other places, the wet element is similar to a torrential river with strong current. Swimming and splashing around can make you running out of breath! Then you should enjoy the relaxing effect of the water on your body coming out of the massage jets in the grotto.

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