Cable Car Monte Bre – A View of Lugano

Hotel Monte Bre, not far from Locarno, simply bears the name of the most loved mountain in the canton Tessin.  The view of Lago Maggiore from Hotel Monte Bre is relaxing, your eyes wander over the mountain world in the sunshine.  However, the Monte Bre is a little farther away.  It lies on Lago di Lugano, not far from the popular town Lugano.

The passengers board the Cable Car Monte Bre in Cassarate.  The cable car has been in service since 1912.  The passengers are transported up 900 metres onto the Monte Bre in around twelve minutes.  The Monte Bre offers the inhabitants of Lugano an attractive trip to relax and the cable car should transport them comfortably to their destination.  The first section of the Cable Car Monte Bre finishes in Suvigliana, the first trains were travelling here in 1910.  Work on the second section of the route was delayed due to many reasons: financial deficit, unsuspected technical difficulties and geological problems.  However, in February 1912 the whole route was finally celebrated and put into service.

Cable car Monte Bre

The cable car up the Monte Bre has provided the small village Bre, which melts with the east side of the mountain, an enormous increase in tourism – innumerable visitors are burning to enjoy the clear view of Lugano.  Beforehand, no one could get lost in the small mountain village, as only small paths meandered up to the village from Lugano, which is around 10 kilometres away.

Tread Interesting Paths on the Monte Bre

If you stay in the village Bre, you will bump into many works of art whilst going for a walk.  The Art Path is a small attraction in the picturesque mountain village.  Sculptures from many different artists edge the streets and improve the paddocks and squares.  An Archaeologist Path leads from Bre to Grandia on Lago di Lugano.  This walk is seven kilometres long and on the way, it provides information about flora and Fauna and finds with archaeological meaning – for example the ancient symbols in stone.

Other parts invite you for a break.  Allow the view of the mountains and the sparkling Lago di Lugano to take it’s effect on you.  There are villages on the Monte Bre with overnight possibilities for guests who enjoy peace and quiet.  In some accommodation, you can cut yourself off from the world completely, as there are not any noisy televisions, annoying peeps from fax machines or other disturbing noises here on purpose.

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