Swiss Centovalli Train – by more than 80 bridges through the amusing scenery

The Centovalli train goes from Lucerne in the most southern Swiss canton Ticino to Domodossola in the Italian province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola. Lucerne is located on the north bank of the Lago Maggiore.

Worth seeing are the nice Old Town with the Piazza grande, the Castello Visconteo as well as the place of pilgrimage Madonna del Sasso in Orselina. Also in the destination Domodossola, there is with the church Sacro Monte di Domodossola a place of pilgrimage. One hour and 45 minutes the Centovalli train needs on her distance of a total of 51.25 kilometres. Centovalli means „hundred valleys”. Not without reason, nevertheless there are in the Valle Vigezzo, numerous of the so called valleys, imposing gulches, waterfalls, nice mountain pastures making the journey so interesting.

More than 80 bridges are to be crossed; more than 30 tunnels to drive through and almost 350 curves let the train wind through the amusing scenery. Start is in the subterranean railway station in Lucerne (198 metres high), from there it goes over Martino (222 metres), Intragna (339 metres), Corcapolo (463 metres), Verdasio (531 metres) to Borgnone-Cadanza (546 metres) shortly before the Italian border. On the other side it goes further uphill crossing Isella-Olgia 611 (metres), Malesco (751 metres) up to the highly situated point (836 metres) near Santa Maria Maggiore and again downhill crossing Coimo (793 metres), Marone (718 metres), Trontano (519 metres), Creggio (405 metres) up to the final destination in the subterranean station Domodossola which lies 267 metres over the sea level. The Italian part of the track is with 32 kilometres (19 stops) more than twice as long as the Swiss (14 stops).

The maximum inclination is proud 60%, the smallest curve radius is 50 metres, maximum speed can be about 60 km/h. A highlight on the track is crossing the Isorno viaduct not far from Intragna, a city in which the highest steeple of Ticino stands (65 metres). Who would like to visit the mountain village of Rasa, can do this from the stop Verdasio by cablecar.

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