Engadin Star – To the Swiss Graubünden and Back

The good weather in Engadin makes the Swiss valley a well visited holiday region. Even the harsh winters with the crispy minus degrees are bearable in the sunny and dry climate of Engadin.  With the relevant clothing of course .  It is also necessary in the summer months to wrap up warm, it can get quite cool in the Alps.  Innumerable mountain railways in Engadin ensure that guests can be transported to their destinations and the ski runs.

Retro-Romanian railways offer an attractive, comfortable method of travelling through the Swiss landscape up to St. Moritz with the Engadin Star.  The journey starts in Landquart in Prättigau.  The train disappears into the darkness of the Vereina Tunnel shortly after reaching Klosters.  This nineteen kilometre long tunnel connects the Graubündner valleys Prättigau and Engadin, regardless of the weather.  The new railway lines of Retro-Romanian Railways were first opened in 1999.

Engadin Star – Retro-Romanian Railways

Whoever gets off the train in Zernez can visit the Swiss National Park.  The station S-chanf is well known because of the annual ski marathon, which ends here.  Following the total journey time of two hours with the Engadin Star through the magical Swiss landscape, you reach the last station – St. Moritz.  The return journey is planned for hours later.  This means that you have as much time as you want, to look around the villages in Swiss Engadin.

Engadin – The Valley of Switzerland

Engadin is an 80 kilometre long valley which is split into two regions.  Upper Engadin (over 1600 m) has many lakes which were produced through the melting of the glaciers.  The most well known and noble village of this region is St. Moritz.  Lower Engadin bears the stamp of natural and wild beauty.  The river Inn rises in the mountains in Engadin and gathers enormous speed during it’s journey in some parts of the valley.  This is perfect for adventurous canoe and raft tours!

Not far from Zernez is a wide area showing a variety of Alp species at their best.  This area was declared a nature reserve in 1914 and creates the only Swiss National Park.  Discover the Swiss flora and fauna during a ramble.  High above, the kings of the air – the eagles – are circling and searching for prey.  On the edges of the path there are wild plants which cover the Alp regions with a colourful carpet.

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