Cable Cars and Other Methods of Transport

Swiss Alps Cable Car 0480609XSmallThe methods of transport that are introduced here – cable cars, gondolas, cabin trains, seat lifts and other mountain railways are not for people who are afraid of heights.  They are however an enjoyable method of transport for skiers, snowboarders, hikers, mountain bikers, mountain climbers and enjoyers of mountain panoramas.

Can you imagine a mountain without a cable car, which makes it possible for almost all people interested, to effortlessly get closer to the peak of a mountain?

So that an answer to this question does not have to be found and perhaps also to make the mountains more habitable, several mountain railways in the Swiss Alps have been built in the last 100 years.  Some of them have the most extraordinarily shapes, views or simply pretty exits, that alone the journey to the top is the destination of the tourists.

Swiss Alps Cable Car – try ist a must

We would like to provide a little basic knowledge at this point: an air cable car is a cable car that hangs on either one (one cable circulation car) or several steel ropes (two or three cable circulation car).  Depending on the type of cars – open or closed cabins, more or less than 8 people, we could be talking about a gondola, a shuttle train, a seat lift, a cabin train a cable car or simply a mountain train.

They all have the same goal: bring the visitors near to the peaks of the mountains.

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