Flims Laax Falera – Dive into endless white

As far as ski-regions are concerned Flims Laax Falera does not leave much to be desired. Incredible 220 kilometres of pistes are available in this ski resort for winter athletes. The slopes are located between 1000 and 3000 metres of height. The snow park on the Crap Sogn Gion (2228m) is quite famous and popular among snowboarders. The name of this mountain comes from the Rhaeto-Romanic spoken in many communities of Grisons. Since the end of the 1960s it has been possible to get on the mountain from Falera by means of a cable railway.


Already at the early stage the region around Flims, Laax and Falera becomes interesting for tourism, villages turn into popular spas and sport centres. Hungry winter athletes are properly provided with titbits in numerous mountain restaurants. Revived and warmed-up – and off you go again out into the winder landscape. There are lots of accommodations in this area. Pensions and hotels in Lax Murschetg, Laax Cons, Flims-Waldhaus, Flims-Dorf, Falera etc. provide places to sleep for weary bones in different geographical positions. There will be a suitable location for any taste – whether a room in a quite, sleepy mountain village or five-star trouble with endless comfort. No matter whether you book your hotel in Laax, Flims or Falera – everyone is looking forward to your visit!

Places of interest in Flims, Laax and Falera 

Not far from Flims in the Swiss canton of Grisons you will find the idyllic and cool Caumasee, surrounded by woodland. A further destination for hikers and bike riders is the Rheinschlucht near Reichenau. Being a contemporary witness as well, the spacious hotel complex of the Park hotel Waldhaus in Flims accommodates not only its guests but also various exhibitions. In the hotel museum you can look back at about 100 years of history of the hotel, in the cellar you can find an extraordinary collection of shimmering rock crystals. In the year of 1880 the first Hotel was opened in Laax. Still today the historic hotel Seehof in Lax welcomes guests all year round.

Since the 1920s Falera has been discovered as a holiday destination. First ski-lifts and chair lifts were built in the 1960s, also the mountain Crap Sogn Gion was developed. In the car-free Falera above all the historic parish church is remarkable and it even shown on the coat of arms of the village. The St. Remigius church was built on a hill in the 15th century. Rather nearby, in the La Mutta parc, you will enter into the Bronze Age – into a park of Megaliths, which is unique in Switzerland concerning size. By means of the stones and their arrangement our ancestors managed to calculate many astronomical events.

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