Flumserberg – Holiday region of St. Gallen

The ski region of Flumserberg, where you can undertake wonderful hiking tours during the warm months, reaches to about 1200 to 2200 metres of height in Eastern Switzerland. In the north of the St. Gallen holiday region Flumserberge the Lake Walen is located. The lake in Eastern Switzerland combines the Swiss cantons of Glarus and St. Gallen. Also the three Seebenseen attract visitors.

From Unterterzen and Flums you can reach the region of Flumserberg. Take the Swiss aerial passenger tramways to get the long way up, for example to the Lake Waeln or to the winter sports resort Flumserberg. Or start a relaxed hiking tour to 1600 metres of height with a subsequent picnic on the Seebenalp or at the Seebenseen.

The castle ruins of Gräpplang high above Flums have left their heydays behind. Regrettably, only wall fragments are preserved from the imposing fortress which was build from Flums knights in the 12th century. Parts of the castle were built up later, in the he 16th century. Restoration of the Flums castle was started only lately. Meanwhile the works had been finished so that visitors can visit the castle ruins above Flums and can have a view from above of the region. .

On the way in the region of Flumserberg 

The entertaining hiking adventure where you can learn a lot about the geology is called GeoTrail. At first you go by mountain railway. You walk a path of three kilometres through the Swiss landscape, passing fossils and peculiar-appearing stones. A walk through the mountains, created from glaciers a long time ago, and which is still continuously changing nowadays. A further hiking path in the holiday region of Flumserberge leads into a completely different, fantastic world: the world of saga. The Hagerbach trial tunnel appears to be a little bit weirder. From here you have a view inside the mountains.

Who stays at a hotel near Flumserberg in autumn may possibly hear many little bells one day – or rather: cow bells. At this time the cows return from the meadows high in the mountains where they have stayed during the summer months. For this so-called Alpine transhumance the animals are colourful decorated with ribbons and good-smelling flowers. Decorated like that they get into the valley and go through the villages until they have reached their home farms. You can enjoy handmade wooden jewellery in the masks cellar of Flums. To carve wooden masks, also called masking, is a traditional craft which even today is still very important in the region of Flumserberge.

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