The Golden Pass Line – nostalgic Swiss Trains

To explore touristically the splendour and the variety of Switzerland once by train belongs with to the nicest and most imposing experiences of a Switzerland stay. The famous Golden pass line of the Swiss Railway leads from Lucerne in the Innerschweiz over Interlaken, Zweisimmen and Gstaad to Montreux to the Genevan’s lake. For technical reasons the train on the journey must be changed. The journey is made up of three journey segments. The first section the golden pass Line leads from Lucerne over the Brünigpass and Meiringen to Interlaken east. Following the segment Interlaken east – Speiz – Zweisimmen.

Golden Pass Line – Gstaad to Montreux

The last distance segment begins in Zweisimmen and leads about Gstaad – Montbovon to Montreux in Lake Geneva. Incredibly on this journey are the VIP’s seatings is in the 1-st class (reservation necessary) at the head of the golden pass panoramic trains between Montreux and Zweisimmen, where the passengers can enjoy the same overpowering view like the conductor. The trains are modern and comfortably equipped and a dining car is included in which the splendid nature while eating and drinking can be marvelled at.

The whole duration of the trip takes about 5 hours. With the panoramic carriages on the distance segments of Lucerne-Interlaken and Zweisimmen-Montreux the marvellous view of the charming Swiss nature with her lakes, mountains and the picturesque cities can be enjoyed. On the journey there are many places of interest and attractions to marvel at: the historical sites of the region Lucerne, the famous Brünigpass, the Vierwaldstätter Lake, the Brienzerlake, the Jungfrauenjoch or also the mountain Rochers-de-Naye being a groundhog paradise.

Arrived in Montreux the famous water castle Chillon, the picturesque Lake Geneva among many other object of interest are waiting for the visitors. A journey with the Golden pass railway line of the Swiss Railway should not be missed by a tou

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