Gstaad – Swiss Beauty

Gstaad, the Swiss village located some 3,000 feet (1,000 m) above sea level, lies in the beautiful “Berner Oberland” region. The locals call the surrounding region “Saanenland.” Both in winter and summer, Gstaad is the destination of myriads of tourists, among them many celebrities. Despite its popularity, the community has maintained a relatively calm atmosphere, which guarantees for a relaxing vacation embedded in a stunning Alps panorama, no matter which season.

Gstaad – skiing during the whole year

In winter, the three ski resorts “Wispile,” “Eggli,” and “Wasserngrat” provide excellent conditions, both in terms of snow and slopes. 62 lifts take the ski and snowboard enthusiasts up into airy heights. The “Les Diablerets” glacier, whose name literally translates as “the devil’s horns,” reaches up to an impressive 3,210 meters (10,531 feet). Since 1964, it can be reached via a funicular from the Col du Pillon. Due to the immense height, the Diablerets have snow almost year-round. All in all, the Gstaad ski resorts provide some 250 km (155 miles) of slopes.

In summer, hiking and climbing are two, but by far not the only, options for visitors. Organized hiking in the Swiss Alps goes back until the middle of the 19th century. Hiking nowadays can be done not only by trained hikers but also by families with small children. Special designated tracks that even allow for baby carriages and wheelchairs are available throughout the region. For the visitors drawn more to the water, fishing, rafting, and canoeing are great options in Gstaad and the region. The local rivers swell to impressive streams during snowmelt from May to October and provide ideal conditions for white water sports.

For relaxing times, the Wellness Hotel is the right place to go. According to its motto “Come up – Slow Down” wellness in Gstaad heals visitors from stress and sorrows with natural methods.

Culturally, Gstaad is also worth a trip. Each summer, since 1956, the “Menuhin Festival” attracts thousands of lovers of classical music, young and old, to the “Saanenland.” Another famous institution is the annual international tennis tournament. Whenever you choose to come – winter or summer – there are always great things to do and see in Gstaad!

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