Historic Swiss Hotels

Switzerland as a European country with a special wealth of cultural riches and with a divert geological structure which meets the requirements for winter holiday as well as for a stay in summer is a principal magnet of tourism and an excellent choice of location. This is why Switzerland especially is interested in opening up its historical treasures to tourists and in refashioning those in a representative way.

For already some years significant buildings like historic Swiss hotels, guesthouses or restaurants get appraised and awarded by the International Council of Monuments and Sights and by this stand in context for preservation and fosterage of country-specific cultural assets. Therefore it is a desirable purpose to present those historic Swiss hotels and guesthouses, who partly originate from the 14th century, as time-tested objects of cultural value in their authentic background and to put them in a spotlight.

Historic Swiss Hotels, sights and things to do

Genuine architecture and interior design of each single accommodation shall be connected with museums, historical restaurants and cafés to make a piece of history present and a real experience for tourists. That way historic hotels in Bern look set to become a fabulous stay in combination with her sights fraught with history like the picturesque Old Town which is a World Heritage Site, with hte arcades and historical wells, the gothic town hall or the mediaeval “Zydgloggenturm“ out of the 12th century, which has been the former western city gate.

As a matter of course the capital Zurich as a world metropolis spreads cosmopolitan flair as well as cultural charm because of the fantastic Old Town with the timber frame constructions, the Minster Church of Womenfolk with its windows created by Marc Chagall and the unique position at the romantic Lake of Zurich.

The Swiss landscape-the Alps, the fascinating woods, the numerous lakes and rivers-offers a varied and individual natural likeness and is typical of the country. In context of the Historical Swiss Hotels which are widespread in the whole of the country the appropriate cultural experiences and places of excursions give the opportunity to immerse oneself in Swiss cultural history and fascinate the visitors again and again. Coupled with the popular Swiss hospitality and quality of service those authentic cultural offers promise an enriching experience in the entire district of Switzerland.

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