Hotel Castello Del Sole, Ascona, Switzerland

The popular holiday Swiss holiday town, Ascona, is situated on the northwest bank of Lake Maggiore in the Swiss canton of Ticino. The municipality lies on a peninsula in the south of the delta of Maggia River. Ascona is the neighbour town of Locarno. During the Middle Ages both places were residences of old aristocratic families. That’s why a fantastic castle is preserved: The Castello Visconteo in Locarno, the former residence of the Orelli. The residence of the Duni in Ascona is not preserved. Wooded hills border the neck of land as well as the whole Lake.

Hotel The Castello del Sole is located in the north part ofAscona. It is not just an accommodation, but a 14 hectare resort, set in a park landscape on the shore of Lake Maggiore. The resort with its special arrangements provides many possibilities for all visitors, to create the holidays on their own imaginations. The Castello itself has an interesting history. Built in 1540 by Francesco Orelli, it became a refuge for the supporters of the new Protestant movement. Already in 1756 the building was for the first time mentioned in recordings as a gem. The use of the house as a hotel began in 1900. At the beginning it provides 6 guestrooms. Today the Hotel Castello del Sole features 21 suites and 62 rooms.

The resort includes, besides the Castello, a large pavilion and a tennis hall. No building is higher than three storeys. Even an own farm is enclosed. The products of the farm are used in the hotel kitchen. The farm produces wine, eggs, fruits, potatoes and cereals. The pavilion is a square house with colonnades along the 4 outside walls and an inner court yard with a rose garden. That building contains the suites. To the equipment of all rooms of the 4 stars hotel belong cable TVs and radios, telephones as well as a mini bars. Three restaurants and a bar satisfy every gourmets needs. The resort Hotel Castello del Sole owns a 400 meters long private beach with a beach restaurant. The Ascona Golf Club is situated close to the resort.

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