Hotel Schatzalp, Davos, Switzerland

Davos is a small town located in Graubünden, in south west Switzerland. Graubünden is a Swiss canton in the German speaking part of the country. Besides German, Italian and Retoroman are the spoken languages in this canton. Davos is a popular ski area for the British since 1899. At that time Conan Doyle wrote an article about skiing in Davos. This municipality is a health resort since 1853. Due to the clean air in this high, a number of sanatoriums came into being in this area. One of them was the Schatzalp Building.

In 1924 the Nobel prize decorated writer Thomas Mann published the novel “The Magic Mountain“ about a sanatorium in Davos. In this novel, which is very popular in Germany, the Schatzalp Building is mentioned twice. It was build between 1898 and 1900. The art nouveau building is lead as a hotel since 1954. The Hotel Schatzalp is located 1900 meters above sea level, amid a forest area. It is one of the most beautiful situated hotels in Switzerland.

The Schatzalp Hotel located above Davos

The 3-Stars-Hotel is located 300 meters above Davos. The place is free of cars, nevertheless there is no need for walking up hill – you’ll reach the Schatzalp Hotel Davos easily by train – within a four minutes ride from the centre of Davos to Schatzalp Hotel with the hotels’ own funicular. Besides this – this mountain, at which the Hotel is placed, is the Magic Mountain, Thomas Mann wrote about.

The Schatzalp Hotel disposes about 200 beds. Rooms on the south side have huge balconies, where you can bath in the sun. All rooms are equipped with telephone and modem connection. Superior rooms have additional TV. Wireless LAN is available all over the house. Two restaurants, both of them with a beautiful view, are serving Swiss specialities.

One of them is the “Barbecue Terrace Restaurant Snow Beach“ and the other one is the “Panorama Restaurant“. There you can have dinner, as well as breakfast and supper. Around the hotel is a stunning botanical garden with 3500 different species of alpine plants. In this garden, the so called Alpinum, are plants of mountain regions from all over the world visible.

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