Jet d’eau Geneva – Symbol of Geneva and impressive fountain in the middle of the Lake Geneva

Jet d eau Geneva switzerland 2654337XSmalljust like a water jet but hides a little bit the historical, engineering feat behind the symbol of Geneva which reaches a height of 140 m.

In 1885, a high pressure water pipe was constructed for the Geneva jewellers. But soon after its opening high pressure water points obstructed their work. For this reason a pressure relief valve was installed into the pipe from which a low fountain gushed up. In 1891, this interesting spectacle caused the municipal authorities of Geneva to even further increase the water pressure and in addition to enlighten it. Since this time two pump systems with a total output of 1360 HP (PS) or 1000 kW have provided a fountain which can be seen from far distances. Its height is achieved by a pressure ratio with a water speed of 200 km/h and 500 l/s.

This water spectacle is not only a popular object for photographers; during the decades it has also become a real identifying feature of the city of Geneva. Representing one the most famous sights of Switzerland, the Geneva symbol Jet d’eau is located in the middle of the bay of Lake Geneva. Each opposite shore presents an interesting panorama of the city. In front of the water front and at the harbours at the shores numerous sailing vessels rest. The Mont Blanc and the cathedral of Rive Droite embedded in this panoramic view. Further information about sights and cultural events in Geneva as well as at the shores around Jet d’eau can be obtained from the Arcade for municipal information at the Lake Geneva.

The hotels, their equipment and of course the exquisite Swiss cuisine together with the Jet d’eau provide comfortable impressions of the high standard of living in Switzerland. To dine in cultivated atmosphere represents a touch of bel étage.

You can reach Jet d’eau on foot or by public transport, presented by the company TPG and its trams. Passenger vessels on the Lake Geneva approach the fountain closer.

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