Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne – Four cantons and a lake

Embedded by the Swiss mountains there lies it, the Lake Lucerne. Four Swiss cantons share the lake region: canton Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden. Accordingly, you can choose between many villages around the lake where to spend your holidays such as e.g. the City of Lucerne, Küssnacht at the Rigi or Sisikon.

Apart from other ships, you can see five nostalgic paddle steamers chugging calmly across the lake. They were built between 1901 and 1928. You can get on and off at 34 stations. During your trip there is a mild breeze of air at the Lake Lucerne, the surrounding mountains and the foehn make the weather at the lake mild.

You can get to know something about the history of the transport system and communication in Switzerland at the traffic house (Verkehrshaus) Lucerne. You will keep on being amazed there as you can see everything that can drive on streets, rail or water. Moreover, vehicles enabling the human being to fly – up to the space. Apart from faithful exhibition pieces, simulations and models serve for illustration. Multimedia presentations complete the procurement of information at the traffic museum at the Lake Lucerne. Moreover, you can find an IMAX cinema and a planetarium on the terrain.

Flying around the Lake Lucerne

When driving from the village Brunnen to the Rütli you can have a look at the Schillerstein (Schiller stone). In the Urnersee (Lake of Uri) – that is the name of a lake arm of the Lake Lucerne – a high rock is dedicated to the writer Friedrich Schiller which was given to him in 1859 on the occasion of his 100th birthday. Previously, the rock’s name was Mythenstein (myth stone) which is already documented in the White Book of Sarnen. By an inscription, the original cantons honour the writer for his famous drama about Wilhelm Tell.

Between the Lake of Zoug and Lake Lucerne the Rigi Massif rises up. For centuries already, visitors have been travelling to the Rigi in order to enjoy the view high above on the Rigi-Kulm (1797m). Follow suit of Queen Victoria, Mark Twain and Goethe and become very attached of the Rigi! Nowadays you can come up there by rack railway or air cable railway. During a small hike you can particularly enjoy the panorama in summer as well as in winter. Driving on the Rigi in the early morning is rewarded with a beautifully romantic sunrise. Paragliders can start their observation flight from the Rigi. In winter,  winter hiking trails and ski pistes lure winter athletes to the Lake Lucerne and the Rigi.

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