Lake Thun – Swiss lake in the canton Berne

In the Bernese Oberland you can find the beautiful Lake Thun which is about 17 km long and 3 km wide. In the Lake Thun you will loose your footing because the mountain lake is far deeper than 200 metres. Earlier, the Lake Thun and the Lake of Brienz formed a large lake together. Over the years, rivers increasingly fed the lake with depositions. A plain developed bit by bit in the middle of the lake and separated it into two lakes. Between the lakes, people settled at the lakes as proved by the name of the town Interlaken.

Around the Lake Thun, a popular Swiss holiday region extends. Year by year, many visitors stay at the hotels at the Lake Thun to enjoy the landscape and to hike across it. The way into the mountains is awarded with a fantastic view. With 2362 metres, the Niesen is the highest mountain of the Thun lake region (and part of the Swiss Peak pass offer). The mountain panorama can be also looked at during shipping on the Lake Thun.

Many villages snuggle up to the shores of the Lake Thun. This makes the decision hard where to book a room. There are hotels directly at the Lake Thun, but out-of-the way pensions in the farer interior as well. Who likes it quiet books in one of the smaller villages. Things get more turbulent in the city of Thun.

Castles at the Lake Thun

The Castle of Thun looks majestically down upon the city of Thun. In the historical ruins you can find the historical museum where the history of the region comes across vividly. Many articles of consumption such as watches, toys and stones belong to the exhibits.

The Castle of Schadau has been the ownership of the city of Thun since 1925, it was built in 1852. Apart from the Swiss gastronomy museum the castle accommodates a restaurant. During the summer months, the famous Wocher panorama flaunted in the extensive gardens.

The Castle Hünegg of the 19th century can be found at the right shores of the Lake Thun, not far away from Hilterfingen. It has taken two years to get the domicile of the Baron of Parpart ready. A pretty park with ancient trees surrounds the property. When visiting the castle, you promenade through very historical rooms: The furnishing has been preserved and offers a record of the time around 1900. When enjoying a pleasant drink at he terrace you will have view to the Lake Thun and the Bernese alps.

The Castle of Oberhofen is almost framed by the Lake Thun. In the castle itself an exhibition informs about the style of living in the canton Bern. Inside, you can discover Middle-Aged mural paintings, outside castle grounds impress with its artistic beauty.

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