Lake Zurich – a peaceful but very varying region

Adjacent to the City of Zurich, you can find a fantastic landscape: Lake Zurich.

Rivers and lakes curl through this plain that is provided with hills and mountains as well. Many cultural things are waiting to be discovered. This region appears quiet and peaceful on the one hand, lively and colourful on the other. As this region looks peace and quiet from the outside, you would hardly expect such large differences in political and social matters in the Lake Zurich region.

The Lake Zurich Zeitung (newspaper) plays an important part in the negotiation and notification between the different levels and groupings of the individual shores of the Lake Zurich. There appear five regional issues per day.

Thereby, the different local newsrooms of the Lake Zurich Zeitung concentrate on local reporting on the one hand, but on the other hand all issues contain the same supra-regional information. It is reported about Switzerland itself, foreign countries, but about economy, politics, culture and events as well. The attention is above all turned to the City of Zurich and matters concerning and interesting all readers the same way.

For a smooth “connection“ of the shores, the Lake Zurich shipping company contributes substantially, with the fleet not only playing an important part regarding transport and routes for locals. As a popular holiday destination, Lake Zurich attracts many guests who would like to explore and cross Lake Zurich, of course. No holidaymaker must miss a day on the Lake Zurich.

Who would like to experience the immediate lake feeling, should stay at one of the hotels of Lake Zurich, such as e.g. the Romantik Hotel Sonne directly located at the Lake Zurich or the guesthouse Hirschen at the lake, which is not just supra-regionally famous because of the hotel but for its cuisine as well.

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