The Swiss Lake – high mountains and deep lakes

Spontaneous answers to the question why travelling to Switzerland are often: mountains or business. Who does not visit a fair in one of the Swiss cities such as e.g. the Geneva Motor Show or a congress, has often sports in mind. Skiing or perhaps après-ski as well are the objectives named by foreign visitors.

Further natural attractions of Switzerland often take a backseat regarding these answers or planning for travelling to Switzerland. Where you can find high mountains, you will often find deep valleys as well. Where water dams up, there developed or still develop lakes which are popular destinations as well.

Almost enraptured the one or the other reports about his stay at the Lago Maggiore, which somehow belongs to Italy as well but has also a Swiss part. Who stays in Geneva or Zurich has no other chance than enjoying the lake panorama. Lake Geneva and Lake Zurich are greenbelt recreation areas directly in front of the city – or perhaps even in the middle of the city.

We are not in the position to say at this stage how many Swiss lakes there exists of a worth-mentioning size, but the important fact is: There are more than you think and actually each individual one deserves to be mentioned. For this reason we will take great trouble to further extent this area: Swiss lakes – Swiss inland waters.

Until we will be ready we do not want to keep an enumeration of lakes in Switzerland from you –  Lake Aegeri; Lake Baldegg, Lake Biel/Bienne, Lake of Brienz, Lake Constance (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lake Geneva, Lake Greifensee, Lake Grimselsee, Lake Hallwilersee, Lake of Klöntal, Lago Maggiore (Italy, Switzerland), Lake Lugano (Italy, Switzerland), Lac de la Gruyère, Lake Lauerz, Lake Murten, Lake Neuenburg, Lake Oeschinen, Lake Pfäffikon, Lake Sarnen, Lake Sempach, Lake Sihl, Lake Silsersee, Lake Silvaplana, Lake Schiffenensee, Lake Thun, Lake Lucerne, Lake Walensee, Lake of Zoug, Lake Zurich.

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