Lauchernalp-Lötschental – Holidays at airy height in the Valais

Surrounded by the Valais and Bernese Alps, the skiing region Lauchernalp-Lötschental in the Swiss canton Valais extends. The gigantic alpine mountain giants loom highly into the sky, deeply below you can see the Valais valleys. In winter, the slopes in the Lötschental Valley guarantee for snow. Piste routes, cross-country trails and extended winter hiking routes make sportsmen’s hearts swell. Starting from the Hockenhorngrat (3111 m) winter wanderers can make a tour to the Schilthorn (3020 m). During extended hikes in summer you can pass forests and mountain lakes, stop at particularly beautiful outlook points. In the holiday region Lauchernalp Lötschental, hiking routes of about 200 kilometres length are waiting for you.

You can find suitable accommodations in the Lötschental Valley in the surrounding villages: Blatten (1540 m), Ferden (1375 m), Kippel (1346 m) and Wiler (1346 m). Hotels in the region Lauernalp-Lötschental are looking forward to your visit! In the village Blatten there are partly still log cabins of the 16th century waiting for you. The foundation Blatten cares for preserving such cultural goods. From Blatten you can reach the winter sports region Belalp-Blatten as well within shortest time. Above Wiler you can find the sunroof Lauchernalp at almost 2,000 metres height. Aerial passenger lines bring you comfortably to the Lauchernalp.

The Lötschental Valley in the Swiss Valais

The Lötschental Valley extends in the canton Valais about twenty kilometres between the Valais and Bernese Alps. The highest mountain in the Lötschental Valley is the Bietschhorn with 3,934 metres. Parts of the region Lauchernalp-Lötschental belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site (Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn). A trip to the Alteschgletscher is worthwhile in any case!

The valley has led a Sleeping-Beauty existence for a long time. It was a virtually impassable terrain and attracted less attention. Only in the 20th century the Loetschental Valley became interesting for tourists. The region has remained original and natural and maybe even therefore is very popular by visitors. However, the region has been populated already for a long time. This is proven by findings of the early history, e.g. a bow of the Bronze Age that is exhibited at the Lötschental Museum.

In summer, the Loetschental Museum in Kippel opens for all visitors interested in the culture of the region. Such a short history trip enables a view into traditions, craft, art and religion in the Valais and their development in the course of the decades.

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