Lauterbrunnen Swiss Alps

The picturesque Swiss village Lauterbrunnen is situated in the canton of Bern, in the German speaking part of the country. The municipality is located in the south of the town Interlaken not far from the lakes of Thun and Brienz. The community of Lauterbrunnen is surrounded by an amazing Landscape. The typical Swiss village lies amid an impressing canyon. This place has already been visited by many Switzerland travellers during the 19th century. The valley of the canyon is located 798 meters above sea level. The valley of Lauterbrunnen is wooded. The forest areas are interrupted by green grasslands.

Around Lauterbrunn vacation resort, huge walls of stone raise to heaven. There is a great natural spectacle to watch in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Two cascades are falling down from 300 metres high. One of them is the Staubachfall in the south of Lauterbrunnen. The glacier cascade is falling down a steep stone wall.

Once a famous German poet created a poem only for this cascade, when he travelled through this spectacular glacier valley of Lauterbrunnen. It was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and he was (and in some ways he still is) one of the most famous persons of the 18th and 19th century in Germany.

His poem is the song of the spirits above the waters. The other one of the two cascades, to visit in Lauterbrunnen, was invisible for a long time. This cascade is falling down behind the rocks. This cascade is named Trümmelbach glacier water falls. These falls consist of 10 single water falls.

Today they are to reach by food and you can go by lift along the cascade. The water falls are illuminated by coloured light and are falling down to the deepness right before the eyes of the visitors. Through the unspoiled nature of the Lauterbrunnen Valley flows a river, called Weisse Lütschine. This little river overflows the banks of the valley once a year in spring. The water of the river comes from melting snow, high in Swiss mountains. The Lauterbrunnen vacation resort has a nice little train station which looks like a toy house. There are trains leaving, in which you can get to the sights in this area.

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