Leukerbad Switzerland

Leukerbad – Where Roman Pleasures And Modern Activities Meet

Within the Swiss canton of Wallis (Valais), one of the most Southern districts of the Swiss country, lies Leukerbad, a small village offering a wide range of activities and attractions.

Leukerbad: Being embedded in the most beautiful mountainous landscape of Dala Valley; between Gemmi and Torrenthorn, its tradition as a health resort dates back into the 18th century. In fact, Leukerbad started off the development of Swiss mountain- and health tourism as such. Nowadays it is known to be the largest thermal spa and wellness resort in the Alps. At least some of the 65 thermal springs that produce 3.9 million litres of hot water a day had already been known by the Romans.

Whereas in former days regional hotels had been frequented especially by upper class guests, tourism in Leukerbad changed after World War I. Aiming more towards the middle class now, other attractions had to be established. One of them is the cable railway Leukerbad-Gemmipass. Once developed to make the life of the summertime visitors a little easier, it laid the ground for the modern alpine ski tourism.

Large sums of money have been invested since into the expansion of Leukerbad’s infrastructure. More hotels were built, the Burgerbad and the Sportarena erected, a luxurious Town Hall and Parking Garage established. Despite all these investments, Leukerbad tourist experts claim that visitors may indulge in offered activities at reasonable prices. Above all, they try to foster a “soft expansion of tourism“ with regard to environmental health, care and preservation.After all it can be said that Leukerbad’s reputation as THE health, thermal and ski resort in the Alps calls for a visit. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet or cultural events; whether you like to ski, swim, hike or to mountaineer; whether you prefer tennis- or squash inside or just love the Great Outdoors – Leukerbad, the little town with less than 2000 inhabitants, is predestined to meet your needs.

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