The Matterhorn Gotthard Railway (MGB)

The Matterhorn Gotthard railway (MGB) counts to the most imposing and nicest sections in Swiss Alps and of Switzerland generally. A journey by this train is a great experience which a Switzerland tourist should not allowed to escape himself. The journey in the train is about 144 km long with a magnificent view on the spectacular and overpowering nature of Switzerland.

Matterhorn Gotthard Railway (MGB)

The following figures are impressive: On its trip the MGB crosses a total of about 3,300 height meters, goes through 33 tunnels and galleries and crosses 126 bridges. The deepest point on the track of the journey is Visp with 625m over sea level and the highest point is reached at the upper Alps pass with 2033 m over sea level. The railway network of the track leads from Disentis in Graubünden after Zermatt. From Disentis it goes crossing the upper Alps pass first to Andermatt in the canton of Uri. Stations on this distance are the cities of Realp, Oberwald, Brig and Visp. Zermatt than under the Matterhorn is the final station of the trip.

Matterhorn Gotthard Train – Travel Experience

By the way – a distance segment which is also very recommendable leads by a branch railway line from Andermatt through the Schöllenen canyon to Göschenen. The line was completely modernised during the past years and the vehicle park was renewed. The aim of the rearrangement was to let among other things the rail journey with the Matterhorn Gotthard train become a unique experience.

The modern trains with her comfortable carriages offering a panoramic view to the guests while traveling transport these in a pleasant way to her destination. On the journey the guests can enjoy food and drinking and experience at the same time the marvelous view on nature. The journey with the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway also does satisfy high demands. An exciting and diverse day waits for the passengers.

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