Napoleon Route Express – On the Heels of the Commander

Whoever travels with the Napoleon Express, commences his journey in Domodossola in Italy.  The economical development of Domodossola grew in leaps and bounds as Napoleon opened the Simplon Street.  That was at the beginning of the 19th century.  The Simplon Pass however served earlier as a route of transport.  The businessman Kaspar von Stockalper transported his goods through the Gondola gorge and over the pass with a mule.  The Commander Napoleon built a pass street that was suitable for military purposes.  The Simpson Hospice is also the work of Napoleon.  The building work began in 1801, as the same time as the pass street was laid.

The Napoleon Route Express crosses the Simplon Pass (2006 m) today with ease.  The old barracks on the pass street of the Gondola gorge are nowadays a rest area for travellers and museum area.  The creation and development of the Simplon Street was copied here.  The Napoleon Route Express continues its journey in Brig.  The time in Brig can be used to see the tourist attractions of the town.  Among these is definitely the Stockalper Palace, with its three high towers.  Among others, trains of Matterhorn-Gotthard-Rail, and the Glacier Express depart from the train station in Brig.

On the Napoleon Route to Saas Fee

The area around Brig has been populated for a long time.  Researchers discovered the tracks of inhabitants that lived here in approximately 650 BC.  The population development continued, particularly as of the 14th century, as the Simplon Pass was made available as a transport route.  An important person of the town is Kaspar von Stockalper, who built the palace, the Sebastian Chapel and other buildings – and, as already mentioned – used the Simplon Pass street for his business.

Anyway, back to the Napoleon Route Express: after all passengers have changed from one Post bus into the next in Brig and are comfortably seated  again, the last section of the journey to Saas Fee can begin.  The journey with the Post bus leads through the picturesque landscape of the Swiss Wallis, back up into the Swiss mountains.  The village Saas Fee is circled by the giants of the Wallis Alps.  Thirteen four thousand metre mountains pillar the panorama.  The car free village is a tourist magnet as there is always something to do in and around Saas Fee.  The Allalin glacier is on your doorstep, that’s why skiers are around Saas Fee all year round.

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