Palm Express – From St. Moritz to Lugano

The journey with the yellow Post bus starts high up in St. Moritz.  The view out of the window glides over the glaciers of the Swiss mountain world, the Palm Express is on it’s way.  It passes mountain village after mountain village and leaves the Swiss Engadin over the Maloja Pass (1815 m).  A safe pass street was built in the 19th century which now allows a comfortable crossing of the Alps.

The village Maloja has many viewing points for you to have a look at the area, e.g. from the viewing tower Belvedere.  A Belgian Count was heavily involved in the development of the village Maloja in the 19th century.  It was his wish to create a place for the rich society to spread themselves out.  He had hotels and villas built, as well as the Castle Belvedere and many churches.  He didn’t manage to create a holiday town for the noble, but many holiday makers appreciate the quiet and idyllic town.

After crossing the Alps, the passengers of the Palm Express are in Bergell, also known as Val Bregaglia.  The pass street winds downwards in serpentines.  Part of the valley belongs to Switzerland and part belongs to Italy.  In the village Stampa there are several exponents in the Ciasa Granda that inform about Bergell.  The passengers get an idea of the different types of flora and fauna in Val Bregaglia as they pass by.  Granite cliffs rise high up in the sky, some mountains are over 3000 metres high.

To the Comer and Luganer Lakes with the Palm Express

The Palm Express rolls to Italy, to be exact to Lombardei.  Following the forests of chestnut trees and snow capped mountain peaks in Swiss Graubünden (Grisons), you can enjoy the sub tropical, sun blessed climate in the middle of palm trees.  The picturesque town Chivenna, the fisher village Gera Lario on the roman roads and the Mediterranean Menaggio on the pretty Comer lake, are all on the route of the Post bus.  The Comer lake measures over 50 kilometres in length, 4.5 kilometres in width and the deepest point goes down 410 metres.

After a while, the Palm Express reaches the Luganer lake, soon the border will be crossed once again.  Following Graubünden and northern Italy, the passengers now get to see Tessin.  Passing Gandria on the Monte Bre, the route leads quickly towards Lugano, the last station of the journey with the Palm Express.  It has taken around four hours to reach the destination.  You can however choose to do just part of the interesting route, you simply board later or depart earlier – however you like.

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