Panorama Cable Car Chaumont – High Above Neuchatel

The Chaumont rises in the Swiss canton Neuenburg.  The highest point of the mountain range Chaumont is around 1180 metres.  The cable car that transports passengers up to this point starts in La Coudre, in the east of Neuchatel.  Take fifteen minutes of your time and board the cabin of the Panorama Cable Car Chaumont.  The cable car playfully manages the height differences up to the last station which is around 1000 metres high.  The cable car track is around two kilometres long.  From the top – from the panorama tower – you can look down at Neuchatel.  The Murten lake, the Bieler lake and the Neuenburger lake glitter down below.  The peaks of the Alps rise majestically a little further away.  On good days you can see a long way into the distance.  Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, the Mont Blanc and the Diablerets are just some of the peaks that you can see from Chaumont.

Young sculptors have artistically shown the subject Evolution of the Earth with wooden sculptures along the hiking paths of Chaumont down to Neuchatel.  The works of art have been used at the scenes of a total of sixteen stations.  Stroll through the earth’s history on a walk back to Neuchatel.

In the Canton Capital Neuchatel

In Neuchatel, on the banks of the Neuenburg lake, there is always something to do.  Friends of architecture and literature would have lots of pleasure in the Dürrenmatt Centre.  The curious can gather their knowledge in the museums of World Culture, Art and History and Nature and Archaeology.  There are celebrations is Neuenburg all year round.  Simply ask in your hotel in Neuchatel.  Nightlife lovers are pulled into the town in the evening by the many bars and pubs.

Whoever would like to get to know the town a little better during the day, can either go off on his own bat, or join a town guide.  If you happen to bump into a gully in the middle of a pedestrian zone, you have discovered the sign of the wild stream Seyon in Neuenburg.  This gully exists since 1933.  The river bed was moved in 1843 because of the danger of flooding, the Seyon flows around 500 metres west of it’s original position.  The gully joins the stream in Place Pury.

The Neuenburg lake is inviting for walks.  Not only the Neuenburg lake can be discovered by boot, but also the Murten lake and the Bieler lake, as canals connect all three with each other.  A short boat trip can therefore become a long journey.

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