Panorama Route Express – A Trip into the Biosphere

The Post bus of the Panorama Route Express commutes twice a day between Schüpfheim and Giswil.  The journey takes one and a half hours each way.  The route with the Panorama Route Express begins ins Schüpfheim.  Whoever would like to learn about the culture of the region Entlebuch in advance, can visit the Entlebuch museum.  The Post bus passes the Lamm gorge at the first stage of the journey and shortly afterwards the village of Flühli has been reached.

The highest mountain of the canton Luzern, the Brienzer Rothorn (2350 m) rises not far from here.  In 1380, the battle of Sörenberg took place on the meadow at the foot of this impressive mountain.  Farmers from Obwalden and Entlebuch fought over the ownership rights of the meadows in the area.  There are water health resort opportunities all around the Schwandalpweihe.  The health resort has several stations in which one can spoil their bodies with the power of the water.

The journey with the Panorama Route Express continues to Sörenberg.  A cable car transports visitors up the Brienzer Rothhorn in this well known holiday village.  Sporty people can also enjoy the heights on the ropes in the Sörenberg climbing park.  The yellow Post bus continues it’s journey on the Glaubenbüelen pass – the panorama road – until the destination Giswil has been reached.

UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch – Harmonious Nature Protection

Entlebuch is a large Swiss valley that has been on the UNESCO list under Biosphere Reserve since 2001.  Many tens of thousands of years ago, a large part of Entlebuch was still covered by glacier ice.  The masses of ice have shaped the landscape in a special way, many hollows that were produced have created a large network, a large moor landscape in Switzerland.

Many endangered species such as the lynx or the capercaillie have once again found room to live and survive in the moors and woods of Entlebuch.  The UNESCO biosphere Entlebuch fulfils it’s part in the preservation of many species in flora and fauna.

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is an area in which a special landscape or vegetation zone is so unique that it needs protecting.  The projects try to bring people closer to nature and to involve inhabitants in nature protection.  Lots of roaming paths lead through the biosphere Entlebuch and invite you to discover the moors and woods.

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