The Rhine Falls Switzerland

The Rhine Falls – Rushing waterfalls

The headstreams of the River Rhine – the Anterior Rhine and the Posterior Rhine – start from the Swiss canton Graubünden, but the Rhine is more popular and spectacular at another place of Switzerland: in the canton Schaffhausen, in the town Neuhausen. Here it must take a rocky barrier which developed during the last ice ages. The course of the river Rhine has changed for several times. For more than 15,000 years, thousands and thousands litres of waters per second have fallen down the Rhine Falls – 23 metres into deep. In winter, the quantity is 250,000 litres per second on average, in summer the quantity increases to about 700,000 litres. At this place the tidy width of the Rhine is about 150 metres.

The gigantic water falls – the largest of total Europe – are a real crowd-puller. Year by year, people travel there in order to visit this spectacle of nature. During the course of the year the Rhine Falls change and according the weather seam to be able to create another mood.

After a visit you will probably take home not only one photo of evidence, but also an idea about how powerful the water element is. You will get particularly close to the Rhine Falls if taking a boat to the Rhine Falls Rock surrounded by water. Who would like to inform himself about the Rhine Falls and its history can have answered all his questions on the occasion of a competent guided tour.

Around the Schaffhausen spectacle

Restaurants in the Laufen Castle as well as the little castle Wörth make sure guests having travelled from far away won’t get hungry. The Laufen Castles in the direct environment of the city Schaffhausen is enthroned at the left Rhine shores above the Rhine Falls. A path leads from the castle downwards to the lookouts points Bellvedere, Fischnetz and to the Känzeli, a platform extending widely into the Rhine. The history building once was the home of barons and overseers. The Schlössli Wörth Castle in Neuhausen is located at the lower part of the Rhine. From here you have a beautiful view to the water pattering downwards the rocks. In the small town Neuhausen you can go window-shopping.

After having had a bite to eat you can set off and stretch your legs on the occasion of a leisurely walk around the Rhine Falls. The different hiking trails are signposted. According to route the ways take between 25 and 50 minutes. Who does not like to hike in a circle, can get until Schaffhausen along the Rhine shores in less than one hour. In the canton’s capital there are, apart from the historical old part of town, many things to discover.

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