Romantic Route Express – With the Post Bus Along the Passes

The summer journey with the Romantic Route Express begins in Andermatt.  The route with the Post bus to Grindelwald can only be experienced in the months from June until September.  The journey continues from Andermatt, direction Furka Pass.  The highest point of the journey, over 2400 metres, is reached here.  By the way, some of the scenes from the James Bond film “Gold Finger“ were filmed on the Furka Pass.

The Rhone glacier, in the north east of the Swiss canton Wallis, measures approximately ten kilometres.  The Furka Pass Street leads directly above the act of nature.  In earlier days, the glacier went right down into the valley to Gletsch!  An ice grotto leads a hundred metres deep into the glacier.  This way, the visitors have the opportunity so see a glacier from the inside.

As soon as the Rhone glacier has been passed, the Grimsel Pass is getting nearer and nearer.  The pass leads over 2100 metres in height from Innertkirchen to Gletsch.  From the bus window you can see the large Scheidegg, the famous north wall of the Eiger.

In the area around Meiringen, in the canton Bern, visitors can discover the Aare gorge.  Another attraction of the region are the well know Reichen Stream Falls.  Following seven hours of driving on the Romantic Route Express, the destination Grindelwald in Bern Oberland is reached.

 Trips from Meiringen and Andermatt

The winter sport village Andermatt can also offer plenty in the warmer seasons.  Hiking and biking paths invite you to discovery in the middle of the Swiss mountain panorama.  Whoever would like to begin another journey from Andermatt, can board the Ticino Route Express and allow themselves to be hijacked to the Sankt-Gotthard Pass, direction Wallis.  Another way to conquer the Sankt-Gotthard Pass, sends you back to the past: a Post coach with five noble horses transports it’s passengers over the Gotthard Pass to Airolo.  The Furka Pass is then crossed with the nostalgic Furka steam cog wheeled train.

Meiringen in the canton Bern is well known for it’s acts of nature, such as the Aare gorge and the Reichen Stream Falls – and Sherlock Holmes.  Many visitors allow themselves enough time to visit the museum of the clever detective, and the place of memorial – the Reichen Stream Falls, that remind you of his apparently deathly fall.

The Meiringen-Hasliberg trains transport visitors into the alpine mountain world.  The Alp panorama can be admired with a tasty meal in the Alp tower, at 2200 metres.  A crystal eagle is a small sensation in the Alp tower.  Additionally, a display of the animal world in the Alps is informative.

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