Owing to the surrounding peaks of thirteen Alpine mountains which enclose it like a shell, the gorgeous mountain village of Saas-Fee is lovingly called the pearl of the Alps. With its close proximity to Italy, a distinct Mediterranean touch to the climate and mentality can be felt, and blessed with a favourable combination of altitude and clean air, Saas-Fee is a real retreat especially for those suffering from allergies or craving a break from pollution.

In order to keep it that way, the community has decided to ban cars and allow for electronic or solar-powered means of transport only. In winter, the Alpine wonderland attracts winter sport fans, and from beginners’ level slopes, over a snowpark where the cracks can show their magic in half pipes, to the special experience of nightly floodlight skiing, Saas-Fee fulfils their every wish.

Saas-Fee – glacier skiing during the whole year

While the glaciers offer a snow guarantee all year round, summer guests are usually more attracted by the 350km long grid of hiking tracks through the Alps’ stunning flora and fauna. If you can, arrange your stay so as to catch some days of autumn, and enjoy the magnificent colour change in the landscape.

Traditions still plays a vital role in Saas Fee, and while every palate will find something for its taste, make sure you try some of the home-made Swiss specialities. Don’t mistake traditional for boring, though, as Saas-Fee’s nightlife is renowned throughout the Saas-Valley! Join into the customary après-ski drink in form of a hot spiced wine in one of the mountain huts, or tour the numerous bars and pubs of the village.

If you care to venture out further, a 360degrees revolving restaurant invites its guest to the peak of mount Allalin nearby. Or follow the secret of the three rosaries along the way of the fifteen rosary chapels between Saas-Fee and its neighbouring community, where the three rosaries – the joyous, the painful and the glorious – have each been assigned to a certain part of the landscape. Or take your family on a search for the shy “Gotwergni“ dwarfs, which are said to live around the village.

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