Salt Mine Bex with subterranean salt mines

The Salt Mine Bex can be found in Western Switzerland, about one car hour away from Brigerbad.

Underground, there are more than 40 km galleries where today salt is still obtained by means of force pumps. To be able to give interested visitors an idea, a small part of salt mines has been disclosed as a museum.

At the mine or better gallery entrance there waits a little train for the visitors and transports them about 1,000 metres deep into the mine. At the beginning of the tour, the visitors are acquainted with the history by means of a filmed slide show. A small advice for all those not being able to understand French very well: Take an offered earphone with you which translates into your own mother tongue – because the tours across the salt mine take predominantly place in French language.

Thus, the visitor learns the most important things about the salt-mining tradition in Bex for centuries. It follows a one-hour tour into the interior of the mine by foot. Therefore, it is extremely recommendable to take care of appropriate footwear and suitable clothes. The temperature inside the mountain is constantly 17 degress.

Visiting the Bex salt mines is only possible in the form of guided tours during the months from April to October by prior appointment. After a stay in the galleries of almost two hours you have the possibility to buy the salt of this salt mine at a souvenir shop as a souvenir in a handy packing.

The underground salt mines Bex can be found in the region of the Lake Geneva. For visitors by car the way is signposted by brown signs as of Bex. The road leads over a field and then through the forest.

There have no signposts been any more for some time now which should not worry. All in all, the way as of the main street is about three kilometres long. Who travels to Bex by Swiss train should plan on a walk of about one hour to get to the salt mines.

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