Schaffhausen Switzerland

Schaffhausen – History of a Swiss city

The history of the city Schaffhausen has started with the ideal location at the Rhine. At this place the river is particularly wide and low. The Rhine Fall’s biggest waterfalls, are not far away. Therefore, freight must be further transported overland from here. Schaffhausen is the centre of trade. In the 16th century, workers slaved for many years to get the Munot fortress ready. The 19th century heralded the ruin of the bastion at first, because the Munot was no longer needed as a bulwark.

City of Schaffhausebn – Canton Schaffhausen

Like every other city, Schaffhausen has experienced good centuries and bad ones. Today, the city Schaffhausen is the proud little capital of the canton Schaffhausen with the same name. The fortress Munot is still the visible symbol of Schaffhausen. And the Munot night guard still strolls through the corridors and rings the little Munot bell every night at nine.

Up to now, the Swiss have managed to preserve the historical mediaeval old part of town of Schaffhausen. It is only accessible to pedestrians, cars are not allowed. This promises absolute peace at the hotel in the old town of Schaffhauser without disturbing car noises at night. They all are very enticing, the small hotels in Schaffhausen spray familiar charm. Relaxed, you can start a stroll through the old town. Have a look at the beautifully painted facades, houses with many oriels. The facade of the “Haus zum Ritter“ is particularly nice. Tobias Zimmer was the artist who has ornamented the building such masterly. The Fronwagplatz is the centre of the old town. At this place, i.e. in the Fronwagturm, goods have been weighted in ancient times. The historical market scale is kept in the Museum zu Allerheiligen.

 A little bit of thrill in the Casino Schaffhausen

How about a round of roulette, poker or Black Jack? Or would you like to try your luck at the one-armed bandit? No problem! Risky born gamblers are in best hands in the Casino Schaffhausen. In ancient times already, this building dealt with valuable things: a silver manufacture once could be found behind these walls. The facade has undergone a restoration, the interior was unceremoniously turned upside down and reorganized. There is a touch of glamour like in Las Vegas in the air – no wonder, because the Casino Schaffhausen was created by the American architect Paul Steelman. At the bar, tasty cocktails and drinks are waiting for you. You should spend an unforgettable evening in an especially elegant ambience.

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