St. Moritz – Hotels on highest level

In all over the world, St. Moritz is known for its exclusivity and elegance – and is accordingly appreciated as such a holiday resort – above all during the skiing season.

Therefore, it is not surprising that when searching for a hotel in St. Moritz you will just find one on such a level. Hotels in St. Moritz are smart, high in price of course, but in any case keep their promise and grace of being exclusive and elegant. By the way, St. Moritz owes this glory to the hotelier Johannes Badrutt, who set the cornerstone for the enormous development of St. Moritz in 1864. It was him to be precise who brought in the first (English) guests into the village which at that time was still unknown.

Should you hear about the “St. Moritz Club“ one day, you won’t find it in St. Moritz itself. You will be rather successful in London – this is where you will find the quite famous night club. In St. Moritz, you will find “clubs“ rather in more quiet and more elegant environments. Thus, St. Moritz is known e.g. for playing polo or golf. Exclusive St. Moritz golf resorts with more than sophisticated reachable 60 goals (holes) make the golfer heart swell.

But the exclusivity of the St. Moritz Polo Club as well does not leave anything to be desired. Who wants to become a member must be recommended by two existing members – one of them of the board. For further prerequisites and information regarding fees please have a look at the homepage.

Those coming to St. Moritz are looking for luxury – and that is what they will get. There is no lack of luxury hotels in and around St. Moritz. In the following we would like to name just two – for further ones please have a look at our hotel inquiry on this page.

The Carlton Hotel St. Moritz presents itself as one of the smallest luxury hotels, but doesn’t fall short of the large ones in no way. Each guest is individually and personally cared for here and his requests are tried to get fulfilled. A beautiful landscape and a splendid building impress the guest and invite for relaxing – very traditional e.g. during teatime or during every evening several-courses meals.

The Crystal Hotel St. Moritz presents itself completely different. The clear and straight style of architecture lets assume insignificance at first. Inside, however, the hotel does not fall short of luxury, high-quality interior and a highly qualified service staff.

One of the most famous Swiss Hotels located in St. Moritz is Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. A short summary on a real fary tale looking Swiss Hotel Badrutts Palace you’ll find by clicking here. Portrayal Badrutt’s Palace Hotel Saint Moritz.

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