Stanserhorn – A Rotating Restaurant in the Air

The Stanserhorn (1898 m) rises in the canton Nidwalden.  It rises very closely to Stans, the main village of the canton and the pretty lake Vierwaldstättersee.  You can reach the peak with an approximately 25 minute journey with the cable car.  Once at the top you can take some refreshments.  The people who run the chic rotating restaurant on the Stanserhorn call it the Rondorama.  Whoever comes here to enjoy a special meal outside of their hotel, in Stans in the heart of the mountains, gets a free of charge tour as well.  The Rondorama rotates – within three quarters of an hour, it has turned itself in a circle.

Depending on the weather conditions, you can see up to 10 Swiss lakes from 1900 metres, including for example the Vierwaldstätter and the Zuger lakes.  The view into the distance is bordered from all sides with approximately 100 kilometres of mountains with snow capped peaks.  Can you recognise the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau?  Or the Brienzer Rothorn?  A trip up the mountain also offers many signposted hiking paths, so you can get to know the landscape.

 With the Cable Car up the Stanserhorn

The cable car from 1893 is an original remainder of the past.  The Stanserhorn railway was brought into life by two men called Josef Durrer-Gasser and Franz-Josef Bucher.  The partners had already erected the San-Salvatore-Railway beforehand.  A new developed tong brake replaced the cog wheel brakes which were normally used up until then.

They planned three route sections for the electrical Stanshorn railway: off to the village Stans (454 m).  Following around 1.5 kilometres, the first station has been reached.  From here – Kälti (714 m) – the passengers are transported up to the station Blumatt (1221 m).  Trains have to be changed here again, this last train covers the last section of the route up the Stanserhorn.  The clever system of the builders works perfectly, the passengers do not lose much time although they have to change trains.  Since the mid 1970s, only the first section of the route of the Stanserhorn Railway is passable.  The other two became unusable in 1970 due to a catastrophic fire.  A modern method of transport was erected as quickly as possible.  A cable car has been transporting passengers from Kälti up the Stanserhorn since 1975.

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