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Best Western Hotels Group – Swiss Best Western Hotels – High Standards And A Limitless Growth

Since its foundation in 1946 by US hotelier Merrill K. Guertin, the Best Western Group has come a long way: More than 4200 houses in over 80 countries earned it the status as the largest hotel chain of the world. What causes this continuous success?

Best Western’s declared intention is to have all of its hotels, despite their characteristics, provide the same high level of standard and services worldwide. Stringent quality control inspections and excellent professional training allow for achieving this goal.

Another company objective is to remain competitive in all areas. Elaborate pricing policies, effective marketing strategies, and innovative ideas are the tools. Therefore, the first hotel chain clever enough to connect its reservation system to the ones of leading air carriers was, of course, the Best Western Group!

The company aims also at good media coverage and rapport. It holds press conferences and organizes sponsoring and promotion. In 1993, Best Western put 1,5 million US$ into the revision of its company logo – to sanitize its already great public image.

Feel Home at 45 Best Western Hotels in Switzerland

One of the 45 Best Western Hotels in Switzerland is Hotel Bären in Bern. The small, comfortably equipped four-star place attracted attention in 2004 when it took part in the Swiss pilot scheme “Siestahotel“.

Anything but a one-horse town is Switzerland’s oldest city, Chur, where you find Best Western Hotel Sommerau. The three-star house with the beautiful view suits road warriors and patriots, too: It first opened on a 4th of July!

Saas Fee – not Santa Fe – hosts Best Western Metropol Grand Hotel. Being proud of its Feng-Shui restaurant, the four-star place also has delicacies for vegetarians up its sleeve.

Guests with a sweet tooth rather stay at first-class Best Western Alpen Resort Hotel in Zermatt: All of its rooms are oriented towards Matterhorn whose triangle peak adorns the chocolate bar Toblerone!

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