Switzerland And Swiss Alps Hotels

Breathtaking Views And Pompous Styles

Scenically, Switzerland is one of the most attractive places in Europe to see. Soft hills with gloomy forests on top, gigantic mountains covered with snow, and crystal-clear lakes reflecting the clouds – these are just some of its natural gifts. But also the miracles made by man, such as outstanding architectural and historical sights, lure legions of tourists there year by year.

Would these attractions be appreciated, too, if Switzerland didn’t have the proper accommodations as well? Those who can afford to reach deep into their pockets will be rewarded with Swiss five-star hotel luxury that is second to none.


Swiss Hotels – perfect stay at Swiss Alps and Swiss Towns

One of these treasures is Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Situated in the village of St. Moritz, the two-towered construction built next to a lake rather looks like a romantic castle than a hotel. Being one of “The Leading Hotels of the World“ one finds “hospitality, luxury, and unparalleled comfort“ there. The gorgeous residence with 165 rooms (including 30 suites), three restaurants, and a Renaissance Bar, first opened its doors in 1896.

Older but also luxurious is the Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa. Located in Interlaken – between two lakes – and being towered above by the mountain that gave it its name, it is described as “a combination of sophisticated historical style elements and the comforts of the 21st Century“. The 212 rooms and suites impress with modern, elegant, and yet playful interiors. High stucco ceilings with chandeliers, heavy curtains and exotic plants – all this reminds of its opening year 1865.

Its outstanding service and romantic flair made the Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne advance to one of the most popular European hotels. Situated directly at Lake Geneva, with a pittoresque little harbour close by, and being surrounded by gardens and parks, it offers a majestic view to the Alps. Its two palatial buildings, especially when illuminated at night, are easy on photographers’ eyes. And the 169 pompously furnished rooms are likely to inspire romantics, too.

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