Swiss Trains Part II

We don’t want to say much on prices or departure time of the Swiss Trains. All we’d like to show you is the huge variety of using Swiss Railway. Old steam trains as well as modern panoramic railways cross the Swiss Alps and give travelers an impression of pure mountain feelings.

Switzerland is only a small country, but even each of the Swiss cantons is different – and by using the Swiss Railway you’ll have the chance to find out more on how it works having four different languages in such a small part of the world, how it works being finance centre of the world with such a small town like Zurich, being place of interest for many train fanciers.

We try to get some pictures from all described trains – so please if you have one, we could show on this website, don’t hesitate to contact or send us this or these.

We say “Thank you“ and hope you’ll find all the Swiss Trains you’re looking for.

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