Ticino – Switzerlands Italian canton

The Ticino is a southern canton of Switzerland, near to the Italian border and part of the Italian Switzerland. The 300.000 inhabitants speak mainly Italian and the capital of the region is called Bellinzona which is also an Italian name.

Nearly 3/4 of the region can be used for agriculture and 1/3 is covered by forests. The highest mountain is more than 3400 mts high. Here you’ ll find the ‘Lago Maggiore’ and the ‘Lago di Lugano’, two important and well known lakes in this area.

The region’s name is originally from the Ticino river which has its birth in the St. Gotthard mountains and is floating into the ‘Lago Maggiore‘. Many other small northern rivers ‘feed’ this great lake, the southern ones give water to the smaller ‘Lago di Lugano’. The Ticino is also famous for its chestnut forests which you won’t find in other parts of the world so beautiful.

Most of the people living in this area feel more identity with the Italian culture. So their language is italian they have their own dialect which is more similar to French because of the welch people living here. TheTicino region lives nearly 70 % by tourism. The beautiful nature, the warmth of the Mediterranean and the healthy clean air, the friendly way of being and last but not least the swiss character of order are good reasons to have a nice holiday here. Many small villages are nearly unknown by most of the tourists and so give a calm and beautiful way of relaxing. Bellinzona, Locarno, Ascona and Lugano are beautiful cities to visit like also the islands of Brissago.

There are many possibilities of sporting like fishing, rafting, biking or just walking in the mountains and many others. Best accommodations from small and family like to luxury hotels will let you find everything for your leisure. There is the possibility to go by plane or by car passing one of the many passes and summer and winter you can enjoy the beauty and friendliness of this nice region.

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