Titlis Rotair – Rotating from Engelberg up to the Titlis

Engelberg, in the Swiss canton Obwalden is a well loved winter sport village – and not only in winter!  The glacier world of the Titlis attracts visitors all year round.  Nowhere in central Switzerland rises as high as the Titlis near to Engelberg.  The day trippers are transported with different mountain trains.  Particularly spectacular, with plenty of views, is the journey with the Cable Car Titlis Rotair.  It is more than a method of transport, it is a panoramic window at the same time.

During the journey, the cabin turns slowly but surely, around it’s own axis.  This way, passengers can easily view the Swiss landscape.  The Titlis Rotair already exists since over a decade – the first journey was travelled in 1992.  Since then, visitors from all over the world have been enjoying the journey with the rotating cable car.  The journey doesn’t take much longer than five minutes – just about long enough for the Titlis Rotair to make one rotation – but the view that this cable car journey enables, is unique.

The Ice Flyer is as least as spectacular – the chair lift glides weightlessly over the never ending  ice of the Titlis glacier,  if you look down, you will keep discovering deep glacier crevices.  The last station of the Ice Flyer is the popular glacier park on the Titlis.  Simply connect your journey with an enjoyable day in the ice!

Wallow on the Titlis Way Above Engelberg

In the ski area Engelberg, skiers, snowboarders, cross country skiers, ski boot hikers and toboggans are all romping around.  If hungry, or exhausted from strains of sport, they enjoy entering the Titlis mountain station.  High above in the Titlis mountain station, several restaurants and a pretty sunny patio with a breath taking glacier panorama, invite you to linger.  The view of the Swiss glacier and mountain world is also enjoyable from the window in the south wall.

Whoever would like to do some window shopping for a change, can look at the displays in the boutiques: of course there are Swiss watches, also up in the air, but also other souvenirs. Customers can get a special souvenir from the Nostalgic Photo Studio on the Titlis.  As the name suggests, very special photos are taken here.  Transform yourself in a flash and allow the past to re-live.  The nostalgic photo shows you for example in traditional Swiss costume or in daring mountain climbing gear in front of the impressive Swiss mountains.

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