Switzerland – Cities and Villages

In Switzerland vacations and business are close. There is enough space for golfing, skiing or doing some other sports and meet business people within the same village. We estimate you’ ll be well informed about Swiss Travel and holidays in Switzerland, so we don’t care on much on praising how beautiful the Swiss Alps are and start with a few words on the international and business key role of some Swiss cities.

Compared to other countries Swiss cities seems to be small. The largest town of Switzerland is Zurich with about 365,000 residents. The Swiss capital, Bern, is fourth large with only 122,000 residents. Nevertheless Swiss cities are famous as well as important for different reasons.

Zurich is one of biggest financial centers all over the world. No where else the world’s richest have given such a lot money to banks. Reason why’s are the well qualified Swiss financial specialists as well as the Swiss banking system, which gives foreigners the opportunity for having a numbered account without naming the banking account owner.

Cities and Villages at the Swiss Alps

Davos, a small Swiss mountain village, is a beloved place for winter sports as well as place of high power. Once a year international political and business leaders meet each others in the Swiss Alps at Davos for discussing global problems and possible solutions at World Economic Forum.

Geneva nice located next to Swiss Alps is a center of international politics. The United Nations opened their office in Geneva as well as World Trade Organization, World Health Organization and International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The Red Cross Organization was founded in 1863 by the Swiss business man Henry Dunant, who survived the evil of a war searched for an opportunity to save lives in times of war. His idea and the Swiss neutrality opened a chance for a today still international respected contract – The Geneva Convention.

Swiss Cities gives you both – business and vacations. Sometimes there is the chance to get both by traveling to only City.

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