Lausanne Lake


Vaud is one of the French cantons in Switzerland, near to the French border and part of the French Switzerland. The people speak French and the capital is called Lausanne. It is one of the biggest cantons and its position is in the very west of the country. Nearly the whole south is bordering to the lake ‘Lac du Genevre’ which is facing to France. In the north there is the second big lake ‘Lac du Neuenburg’.
The mountains are high till 3200 mts in the Alps but not all the region is high mountained. Infact there is a well done agriculture with sugar plantations, tobacco, fruits and especially the famous white wine. This one you will find mainly around the hills of the ‘Lac du Genevre’. But Vaud is also famous for another kind of food: the fondue.

Nearly half a million people are living here and most of them are living in the cities. Unlike in other regions or cantons of Switzerland they are not living mainly by tourism but by the economy and industry. Big concerns have here there stables and the economy especially in Lausanne is booming. There are two universities with over 20.000 students.

The tourism is well known around Lausanne and its big lake. It is called also the ‘Riviera of Vaud’. Here you’ ll find beautiful and luxury hotels in a breathless surrounding of mountains. Cities like Lausanne, Montreux and Vevey are embellished with green areas, have a vivid city centre and everything a modern person needs for a perfect holiday.

In history the Romans had a very big importance in the region which you still can see in Avenches where you find a nice theatre of that period and other heritage sites. The middle aged city centre is particularly beautiful and gives a good feeling of that period.

During the winter time you will find best conditions for skiing everywhere in the Vaud canton. Special accommodations for the period with special offers – like ski pass or/and ski courses included and more – are available or by agencies or the hotels themselves.

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