The ski resort Verbier is situated 1 389 meters above sea-level, in the Swiss canton of Valais, in the French speaking part of the country. In spite of Verbier is located in the south of Rhone Valley between the two cities Sion and Martigny, it is only reachable via Martigny. There is a serpentine road to Verbier. The village is the centre of one of the largest ski areas of europe. This area is called Quatre Vallées (four valleys). There are more than 410 kilometres of runways and 95 lifts in this ski area. The two highest peaks in the near of Verbier are the Mont Gelé (3023 m) and the Mont Fort (3329 m). Both of the mountains offer a fantastic view to the Mont Blanc as well as to the Matterhorn.

You can go to the Mont Gelé by cable car or by lift. On Mont Gelé slopes are for reserved only for the good skiers. Mont Fort is a little bit more outside of Verbier. It lies 7 kilometres away. You can go there from Mont Gelé by cable car and by lift. On the glacier of Mont Fort are the steepest mogul fields of the Swiss Alps. Only 5 kilometres north eastwards of the two mountains is the barrage of the Lake of Cleuson. This is a picturesque tarn amid the rocks of the Alps.

Verbier itself is a typical Swiss village with wooden houses, having up to three storeys. Most of them are hotels or restaurants. The resort offers boutiques, sports outfitters and a supermarket. Additional there are a lot of après ski facilities, such as a sport centre with squash courts and a swimming pool, cafés, bars, pubs, discos and much more.

The city Martigny is located 13 kilometres westwards of Verbier, in the Rhone Valley. The town is situated at a place, where the valley narrows. Martigny is surrounded by vineyards. The landmark of the town is the castle La Bâtiaz, placed on a rock at the end of the Valley. Martigny is a town with ancient traces. There is a little amphitheatre, laid open by carefully work.

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