Swiss Vignette – Motorway sticker Switzerland

In Switzerland, motorway fees are levied simply by vignettes instead of time-consuming on-board systems. These vignettes (Motorwaysticker) are available directly at the border or can be bought and paid simply via Internet.

The acquisition of vignettes in advance saves time and offers you a fast arrival at your destination without time-consuming stopover at the Swiss border. The Swiss motorway vignette is valid for respectively one year. Once acquired, you can travel to Switzerland as often as you like without having to buy another vignette.

Swiss Vignette – the Motorwaysticker Switzerland

The validity is printed on the motorway vignette, starting on December 1st of the year before and ending on January 31st of the next year and refers to the fee of a car. If you have a trailer or a camper with you, you are required to buy an additional Swiss motorway vignette. Please note that the price of the motorway vignettes will not be reimbursed.

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Travelling cheap within Switzerland – Swiss Pass and Swiss Card

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The rail and bus network operator Swiss Travel Systems enables free travel once you have acquired the Swiss Pass or an attractive 50% discount on all tickets of trains and buses if buying the Swiss Half Fare Card.

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