Zurich – Largest city of Switzerland

At the Zürich airport- its former name is Zürich-Kloten – travellers arrive in Switzerland (CH). Zürich is about ten kilometres away from here, but very good and fast achievable by public means of transportation. The capital of the canton Zürich awaits visitors with sights and cultural offers en masse.

Churches in Zurich are interesting buildings and a view into the interior is worth-while: In the Zürich Fraumünster Church you can find a gigantic organ with 5,793 organ pipes. It is the largest church organ of the overall canton Zürich. Marc Chagall has created some of the glass windows of the Fraumünster Church. Both towers of the church can be seen from far away. You can enjoy farsightedness from the viewing platform of the Großmünster – to the city of Zürich. The huge clock face of the St. Peter Church in Zürich is immense as well. With impressive 8.7 metres in diameter this church clock is unique within Europe. No other one is such large.

Apart from churches there are many other things to discover in Zurich, of course: People interested in Swiss history should visit the Swiss National Museum. Art lovers enjoy a foray into the rooms of the art house of Zürich, while window-shoppers stroll along the shopping mile – the Bahnhofsstraße of Zurich.

 Pure fun in Zurich

In Zürich, people know how to celebrate! On the occasion of the traditional Sechseläuten, participants throw on historical garments, strolling through the streets of Zürich on horses or in coaches. They stop in front of the Opernhaus where a gigantic fire is lighted up in the early evening around which the riders gallop like maniacs. This spring festival is to say good-bye to the winter.

In summer, the Züri-Fäscht takes place and the city changes into a huge fairground full of attractions, concerts and stalls. And that is still not everything! The worldwide largest techno spectacle takes place in Zürich in summer as well. At the day of the Street Parade the city almost bursts of the seams. Dancing maniacs from everywhere arrive here, moving through the streets of Zürich to the rhythm of techno music. Some of the dancing people are probably registered students at the University Zürich.

The University of Zürich has been existing already since 1833. A lot of lecturers of the University Zürich have been honoured with a Nobel Prize for their professional brilliant performance. Thus, during the years 1909 to 1991, prospective graduates attentively listened to the lectures of the later Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein.

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