Swiss Travel Pass Flex


Within the one-month period of validity, the Swiss Travel Pass Flex enables you to travel unrestrictedly across Switzerland on 3, 4, 8, 15 days of your choice within the network of the Swiss Travel System without having to buy any tickets or billets for train, postal bus or suburban services.

Swiss Travel Pass Flex – for tourists only

The Swiss Travel Pass Flex is available for all persons without a permanent residence in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The acquisition of the Swiss Travel Pass Flex just requires a passport or identity card.


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Children aged 6-16 accompanied by at least one parent are free. Children not accompanied by parents receive a 50% discount. The discount will be offset with your order.

ADVICE for Swiss travellers: The offer of the Swiss Travel Pass Flex is similar to the Swiss Travel Pass – with the important difference that you can choose on which days you would like to travel across Switzerland. Should you plan a trip across Switzerland by one of the Swiss Panoramic Trains, it could be more advantageous to choose a Swiss Travel Pass instead of the Swiss Travel Pass Flex.

Exploring Switzerland with no limits – Swiss Travel Pass Flex

Traveling in Switzerland with no limits by train, bus or boat with maximum time flexibility and freedom. For visitors to Switzerland from foreign countries the Swiss Travel Pass Flex represents the all-in-one ticket for spontaneous travellers. Simply book it now! Allowing you all the advantages of the Swiss Travel Pass Flex such as choosing the time period and duration whenever you want to travel.
Buy a Swiss Travel Pass Flex ticket and discover the amazing countryside. For example take a train ride, drift through the peaceful valleys covered in a bed of fresh snow or a carpet of flowers in spring. There are ten different train lines available with sumptuous panoramic views. The Swiss Travel Pass Flex covers all train journeys without the hastle of having to buy individual train tickets. Just book your train tickets today.

Tomorrow you can enjoy the bustling city life, discover a market place, where you can savour regional food such as cheese and sausages. The day after tomorrow you can climb up the mountain aboard the mountain railway.

Submerge yourself in the picturesque landscape of the Walensee and enjoy a relaxing boat trip. You can book a Swiss Travel Pass Flex online or buy it over the counter or available train ticket vending machines. Spontaineously, you can decide to stay a couple of days in one place. Continue your travel later at your leisure, all thanks to the Swiss Travel Pass Flex, which is valid for one month.

Swiss Travel Pass Flex Service conditions:

  • Traveling in Switzerland with no limit by train, bus or boat based upon choosen number of travel days within one calendar month. The train tickets are valid for the majority of panorama trips. In addition local transport in 90 cities is included.
  • Admission free entry to more than 500 museums on the choosen travel days
  • Children under the age of 16 travel free of charge in the accompaniment of a parent with a valid Swiss Family Car
  • Children under the age of 6 are free of charge with no Swiss Family Card required.

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