Welcome to beautiful Switzerland and Grand Hotel Zermatterhof

Switzerland welcomes you with a superb view into the mountains. Famous lakes with deeply turquoise blue water invite you for swimming, diving, waterskiing or just for a walk.

The upper class Grand Hotel Zermatterhof belongs to the Group of Swiss Deluxe Hotels and impresses you with its excellent equipment and friendly staff. Located in the South of Switzerland, very closely to the Italian border, is it in a famous winter skiing area. But even in the summer Zermatt has a special programme for its tourists.

The nature around the Hotel in Zermatt is more than beautiful and cannot be described with words. In closely neighbourhood of Zermatt are a lot of train stations they can bring you in the magical area of the mountains. With a lot of small farms and restaurants deeply inside the valleys a day abroad in the Matterhorn mountain nature is a real adventure for wanderers, families and children.

Nowhere in Europe are the mountains so closely than in Switzerland. Famous seldom flowers, birds, eagles and Capricorns can be seen there. Zermatt is a very old and famous sanatory area and so the Grand Hotel has special offers for medical healing, massages, salt baths, fango, therapeutic swimming, physical educations and much more. Many famous British actors, painters like John Ruskin and well-known biologists chosen the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof for their stay and studies around Zermatt.

Honeymoon couples and lovers can ask for a special breathtaking programme with candlelight dinner, horse rides and winter sleights. Cars are forbidden in Zermatt, the transport from the train station or special bus stations outside will be done by horses or electronical taxis. A couple of one-person-lifts carry you to each place up and down of the magical Matterhorn.

The winter seasons begins in south of Switzerland in November and lasts until end of March. Because of Zermatt is located more than 3000 m. above sea level, sometimes in the summer can be snow there.

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