Wonderful mountain world of Switzerland , Bernese Oberland railroads

The route system length of the light railway which has been opened on 1st of July in 1890 is 23.69 km. The starting point of the route is a Y-shaped part of the railroad in east  with its landmarks Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountain peaks which belong to the UNESCO world natural heritage. Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn. In addition worth seeing among other things are the tin exhibit in the castle area and the tourism museum of the Jungfrauen-region. The journey proceeds crossing the small villages Wilderwil and Umler to Zweilütschinen. Here the line section separates in the roadway to Lauterbrunnen or Grindelwald. Who chooses Lauterbrunnen as terminal stop can discover the nature by using the numerous trails and besides this can experience the Trummelbach waterfalls. In the winter skiing, winter hiking and snowshoeing are the most famous sports of the Jungfrauen skiing-region.

On the roadway to Grindelwald you pass the cities Buechi and Buechiwanggalerie before you get to the township of Lütschenvalley, a contemplative place with many forest tracks inviting you to be discovered.

Behind Lütschenvalley the village Burglauenen is located; this is the place where according to legends the ancient village Schillingsdorf has been. As punishment for refusal of the inhabitants to give a dwarf shelter from a storm the whole village was buried by a rock fall.  Only a single house in which the inhabitants were well meaning towards the dwarf has been spared. The place were according to the legend the rock fall started still until today is reminding of this.

The roadway continues from Grindelwald district Schwendi to Grindelwald. Grindelwald is not only a famous winter sports city but in summer there you can also for example do hiking and explore the lower and upper Grindelwald-glaciers.

At the end of the journey one is impressed by the wonderful mountain world of Swiss Alps. A journey with the Bernese-Oberland-Railway is a journey full of fascinating impressions, which will bear in mind for a long time.

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