Kandersteg Swiss Alps

Kandersteg Swiss Alps

Founded as a stopover for trans-Alpine merchants, the charming mountain village of Kandersteg has retained its character as a place of recreation and socialising until today, even though accommodation may no longer be paid for in peppercorn, and accessibility has improved to absolute convenience, with trains running every hour, allowing guests to be dropped of almost on the doorstep. Due to the favourable combination of altitude and climate, Kandersteg offers perfect conditions for a holiday resort, and in fact understands itself primarily as a family destination. Here, folklorist culture is still lived actively, and you are invited to participate in it, as interested guests are welcome at any yodel, or traditional dance club.

Because the Swiss Alps’ stunning natural landscape surrounding the community has shaped its life considerably (and vice versa), the people of Kandersteg understand it as a vital part of their culture as well, and they encourage their guests to enjoy and appreciate it like they do. In fact, Kandersteg’s immediate surroundings are UNESCO world heritage listed, and praised by botanists and geologists alike.

All year round, the picture book scenery of the Swiss Alps will amaze you with its snow-covered glacier peaks reflected on the motionless surface of clear mountain lakes, set in valleys alive with its idiosyncratic flora and fauna. Accordingly, you will find a multitude of possibilities for outdoor ventures in Kandersteg: an inexhaustible, tightly knit web of hiking tracks spans from it, mountain bikers will find it a mere paradise, and in the cold season, winter sport fans are offered everything they could possibly wish for, from skiing and heli-snowboarding, to the gimmick of a yearly snow-Volleyball tournament.

With a great number of cable railways and chairlifts, mobility is ensured for every age and level of fitness, as well as sportive ambition. Professional guides and instructors stand by to make sure that adventurous ice hikers and inexperienced beginners alike can make the most of their experiences. Whether to reactivate your muscles exhausted from a tour or simply to give yourself a treat, wellness massages and saunas await your visit. Kandersteg is especially popular with scouts, who have set up one of their international centres here.

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